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Custom made fishing rods

All rods are built on Batson, Pac Bay, MHX, or Private label blanks

All rods are built and priced personally.  We will design your custom rod exactly how you want it to look and fish.  You will own a rod that you will be very proud of and can AFFORD.

Questions??  Contact Mike Taake at (608) 547-2283.

As you prepare your order, refer to the custom rod options page.

**Prices are negotiable**Please call/text me if you have any qts. about how to place an order. This will save a lot of turn around time and insure we get your custom rod order perfect. I also have a Business group page on Facebook called; Yogi Rods LLC.
Please give measurements in inches or feet and inches.
Questions?? Please text or call me 608-547-2383
Questions?? Call or text 608-547-2383
Chose between Spin/Cast, Ice rod or Fly handle types. Choices include Cedar or Cork. Qts? call/text 608-547-2383
Call/text 608-547-2383 Thank you
Please limit to two lines of text.
See examples in photo below.
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Payment will be due upon receipt of your rod.
Don't forget to grab some Yogi Rods apparel!

Don't forget to grab some Yogi Rods apparel!