Mike "Yogi" Taake Explains the Benefits of Custom Fishing Rods

Fellow Fishermen:

I have plenty of experience catching every species of fish in North America so I can craft a rod that will suit you and help you catch the kind of fish you are going after. 

Your custom fishing rod will Get You More . . . Action!

Taake Care,

Mike "Yogi" Taake

Call/text me 608-547-2383 Thank you

The Custom Rod Crafting Process

We will build you the exact type of rod you want.  Your rod will be more affordable and unique than any factory built rod.  You will choose the length, action, and power of your rod.  You can pick the style of handle that will fit your grip comfortably.  You will personalize your rod by picking the colors of thread and what you want inscribed on the label.

A peek at Mike "Yogi" Taake's work bench.

A peek at Mike "Yogi" Taake's work bench.

Restored Rods by Yogi Rods, LLC.

Do you want a family heirloom or that antique rod you found at a garage sale turned into a beautiful rod you can proudly display? 

Repaired Rods by Yogi Rods, LLC.

Yogi Rods, LLC. can fix your favorite rod that got caught in the truck door or stepped on in the boat.  Do you need a new tip-top or guides replaced?  Or a new handle?